University of Southern Queensland

Australia's No.1 university for graduate employment

At USQ, our courses are professionally focussed and career oriented, which is why we are No.1 in Australia for graduate employability (Good Universities Guide, 2017). Our students are often already working by the time they finish their degrees, meaning they are in the workforce sooner.

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How to find the uni that fits you best

Every prospective university student faces many decisions, but one of the first is deciding which university will be the correct choice for you.

For some, making this decisions is easy, like a perfect line of linear plots waiting to be connected with the sweep of a pen. They have dreamt of going university and their future career ever since they started high school. For many others, however, this decision are much like a scattered quartic function: there isn’t a simple answer and they require a great deal of investigation.

While you might feel pressured to attend a certain university due to peer pressure or the location, it’s more important to carefully consider your own individual needs when deciding which uni to go to.

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